Boiler Installation

Choosing a new gas or oil boiler that will meet your needs perfectly, and be more cost effective than your current heating system can be a daunting process. I offer a free energy assessment which will allow you to choose the best solution. I can supply and fit a wide range of different styles, depending on your personal requirements. Also, I can price you for labour only if you wish to supply boiler.

My prices are very competitive and all work is carried out to the highest standard. New boilers supplied and installed from £21 per month.

Please contact me to arrange a visit for a free, no obligation quote.

Energy Saving Extras:

Heating controls are a brilliant way to help you save money. A programmable wireless room thermostat lets you choose the times and temperatures your central heating operates at. This means you’re not wasting energy heating your home when you’re not there so you can save on your heating bills. By using these clever thermostats, you can set your home temperature just the way you like it and it will automatically turn off your boiler once your home reaches the temperature you’ve set.

Fitting thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) to radiators enables you to control the temperature within each individual room. This means that you can set the temperatures to suit how each room is being used, and turn the heat down or off in rooms that do not get used much.

Magnetic filters are available with all boiler installations. They protect your heating system from the buildup of iron oxide and sludge inside your radiators and pipe work. The filters are easily cleaned out when your boiler is serviced. They can help to make your boiler run more smoothly and last longer.