Stylish Bathrooms That Blend Comfort with Functionality

For most people, the bathroom is a sanctuary; a place where they can spend a few quality minutes relaxing after a hectic day. Regardless of how much time you spend in your bathroom, you want it to be a comfortable place. Contact us to see how RD Energy Services can create the bathroom of your dreams.

We work closely with local bathroom showrooms who are on hand to design your bathroom to meet your needs.

Please contact me to arrange a visit for a free, no obligation quote.

Quality Bathroom Installations

Do you prefer a Jacuzzi in your bathroom or is the space too small? What type of showerhead do you prefer? Do you want one- or two-bathroom sinks? All these considerations will help come up with a suitable space for everyone. With our expertise, you can find the right bathroom installations to satisfy your requirements. We partner with reputable suppliers who deliver high standard products that range from mirrors to bathtubs. The point is to create a bathroom that will survive constant use. You can get advice about the installations that fit your lifestyle. In a home with children, for example, we can guide you on the most child-friendly installations.

Plumbing That Complements your Bathroom

RD Energy has been offering plumbing services in the North East region for years and, therefore, understands what different customers want. We will consider aspects like the size of the bathroom, how many people use it and your budget to pick the plumbing fixtures. From the taps to the toilet, RD Energy handles all the plumbing requirements. If you want to feel a warm floor when you walk in your bathroom, we can install underground heating.

Bathroom Refurbishments and Repairs

A leaking tap or a heater that doesn’t warm water properly can turn your dream bathroom into a dreamer nightmare. With the repair services that we offer, homeowners can get quick and lasting solutions to such problems. If your bathroom looks a bit shabby and could use an upgrade, then we are the right company to call. Bathroom refurbishments are a specialty for RD Energy whether it’s a simple change in showerhead or an overhaul of the entire bathroom.