Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Get Professional and Affordable Electrical Services

Besides plumbing and heating, RD Energy Services is a licensed electrical contractor. We are qualified and experienced electrical engineers, so you can expect reliable services. RD Energy has built its reputation on customer satisfaction. Regardless of the project size, we dedicate the same resources to ensure that a client receives the most efficient solution. You can depend on RD Energy for a wide category of services.

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Electrical Installations

RD Energy Services are fully qualified, to work on your electrics we can not only work on your electrical heating systems such as boilers and cylinders we can help with thing such as

· Electric Showers

· Plug Sockets

· Lighting Circuits

· Fuse Boards

· Wiring Faults

We are available for all these domestic services and more. A licensed and qualified electrician guarantees that the job goes right on the first try.

Safety Inspections

Electrical systems need regular monitoring to ensure that they are in excellent condition. A simple power overload that goes unnoticed for a while may end up causing irreparable appliance damage. Periodic inspections provide a chance to detect problems early, which I can fix and help save you money. You can also find out if some upgrades are necessary to keep your system up to date. I will conduct inspections of the wiring in your home or business premises to guarantee safety.

PAT Testing

Property owners have the legal responsibility to ensure that the appliances in a building are safe for use. If a device is not up to par and ends up hurting a user, then the property owner is liable. RD Energy can help you avoid such issues. Insurance companies also require PAT testing for residential and commercial building. We conduct mobile PAT testing for all kinds of appliances. You will get the relevant certificates to show you insurers, tenants and anyone else who needs them.

Electrical Repairs

When you realise that an electrical appliance or system has an issue, contact RD Energy for the appropriate repairs. Whether it’s a wire popping out of the wall or a faulty appliance connection, trust an experienced electrician to handle it. We have dealt with an assortment of electrical problems and know how to identify and fix them accordingly.

Domestic customers searching for expert electrical services have RD Energy to meet their needs. Expect competitive rates and a professional service that will solve all your electrical issues.