Finance Options

Finance Options

Finding Suitable Financing for Boiler Installation

Sometimes, a new boiler is the most cost-effective solution that a homeowner can come up with. When your old boiler has racked up astronomical expenses in repairs, replacing it makes more sense. A new boiler installation may also be in order for a new building. However, a boiler purchase may be out of budget for a lot of people unless you have been saving up for it. Fortunately, suppliers offer financing options for buyers, which decreases the burden. At RD Energy Services, homeowners can capitalise on various payment options to find suitable appliances for their heating requirements.

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The Available Options

People looking to secure new boilers can get 3, 5, 8 or 10 year terms on their agreements. What happens is that you get the boiler then pay it off in instalments over a chosen period. Spreading payments across several years makes it easier to budget. Boiler financing is available for different types of appliances, including gas boilers, LPG cylinders and heat pumps. Ask me about the finance packages that RD Energy provides for customers to find out if there is something suitable.

I can guide you on the right product to get, depending on your budget and payment capability. Customers can apply for a boiler loan of between £250 and £25,000 with an APR of 9.9%. The gas app calculator on the site lets you work out the exact payments you will have to make after taking out financing.

How it Works

Once you check out the finance options available, you can apply for one that suits your situation best. An applicant must be eligible, so look at the requirements. Your credit rating is one of the qualifications that a lender will consider before advancing a boiler loan. A borrower must also prove the ability to repay. Consider the period that makes sense to you. One homeowner may have no trouble paying off the loan in 3 years while another one may need 8 years.

The Upside of Boiler Financing

Taking out a loan for a new boiler provides an opportunity to get an energy efficient appliance. The lack of sufficient funds is one reason homeowners end up with second-rate units that end up costing more money to operate.

At RD Energy Services, customers can afford new boiler installations with the different financing packages available. With my years of expertise, I can walk through the process of finding the right boiler that won’t mess up your finances.