Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Getting the Most Out of Heat Pumps with Quality Servicing

Heat pumps have grown in popularity as alternatives to fossil fuels. Homeowners are investing in heat pumps for various domestic needs such as water heating. The efficiency of a heat pump depends on the servicing it gets over time. It is why homeowners must prioritise heat pump maintenance. With the services available at RD Energy Services, you can ensure that the heat pumps in your home are functioning at optimal capacity. We handle all manner of heat pump issues from broken sensors to leakages. Over the years, I have worked with heat pumps of different makes and models.

Types of Heat Pumps

The air source heat pump is installed on the outside of a building and utilises the air from the atmosphere to generate heat. A fan in the pump draws in the air, which goes through a heat exchanger. Air source heat pumps are preferred for their energy efficiency because they save money. They also allow easy retrofitting, which makes repairs possible.

A ground source heat pump is designed to operate in a similar fashion except that it collects energy from the ground as opposed to the atmosphere. It capitalises on the solar energy stored in water, rocks and the ground. This feature allows the heat pump to provide heat consistently, regardless of the weather. At RD Energy, you can get consultation services to help you figure out which system serves your needs best.

Maintenance and Servicing

Regular servicing will ensure that you can leverage the efficiency of a heat pump for long. With my expertise, we can help you adjust the settings of the appliance to suit your comfort levels. Part of the heat pump servicing We offer includes checking every safety device, testing the start-up times and calibrating the sensors. You will receive a thorough report of the servicing, which you can readily present to an insurance company if it’s a requirement. Proper maintenance will minimise the risk of premature damage. We can also identify faults before they worsen and provide the necessary repairs. Manufacturers will usually include annual servicing as part of the terms of a warranty, and so, hiring RD Energy Services will help keep it intact.

If you are looking for a renewable energy source for your heating requirements, a heat pump is a practical investment.

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